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2FT 15W T5 LED Tube

Basic Feature:

– The Magic Tube, which can work only with compatible ballasts, is a replacement for fluorescent T5/T8 lamps.

– The Magic Tube cannot work with magnetic ballasts.

– Designed to operate on existing ballasts with input voltage of AC120-277V, AC347V.

– Plastic housing and aluminum.

– Stable lumen output for different ballast brands with different ballast factors.

– THD less than 20%, Power factor more than 0.95.

–  No UV emission.

–  Reduces energy consumption up to 50%.

-Rated life far in excess of T8 fluorescent to minimize labor and cost to replace burned out fluorescent tubes.

– Contains no hazardous materials to eliminate disposal cost


Detailed Data:

– Model Name: ZY-T5-15W2FT            
– Wattage: 15W 
– Life Span: 50,000 Hours                                                                                                                                                      
– Power Factor: More than 0.95
– Efficiency: 170 lm/W 
– Certificates: UL, cUL


Installation Instruction:

– Check the ballast installed in the field and make sure the ballast is in manufacturer’s ballast list. If the ballast out of the list, a test must needed before mass installation.
– Loose and damaged lamp holder and socket need to be adjusted or be replaced.

“Plug” and “Play” procedure

– Turn off the power to the light fixture at the breaker panel before installation.
– Open the diffuser from the light fixture.Ensure pins are firmly seated in lampholders.
– Remove the flourescent tubes, Please dispose of these items properly as they contain mercury.

– Put led tube into the lighting fixture.

– Install the Led tube,close the diffuser.
– Turn on the power.

– Use only with specific electronic ballast.
– Risk of fire.Loose or damaged end cap and lampholder need to be replaced before installation.
– Risk of electric shock. Make installation with gloves.
– Use only in place of  fluorescent lamps specified on label or as a retrofit kit.
– This lamp is not intended for use with emergency exists.
– These lamps are to be used in indoor damp location only.Do not suitable for wet location.
– These lamps doesn’t work with a light dimmer.
– If the lamp or luminaire exhibits undesirable operation (Buzzing,   Flickering, etc), immediately turn off power, remove lamp from luminaire and contact manufacturer.
– This lamp only operates on electronic ballasts.If lamp does not light when the luminaire is energized,remove this lamp from  luminaire and contact manufacturer.
– Do not make mass installation before sample testing.


• Only offer 3 year’s or 5 year’s warranty or any other warranty period specified in the contract for the product from the date of purchase:
• Invoice or shipment bill is required to claim the warranty.
• The warranty policy only requires manufacturer to repair the defective product or send substitute for replacement.
• Installation labor, electricity cost and other related cost will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty policy.
• Warranty doesn’t cover the defect caused by inappropriate use, especially if directions of the instructions for use are not observed, normal abrasion as well as failures which affect the value or use of the product insignificantly.


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