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365kWe Waukesha Gas Engine Generators

The 2 x 365kwe Waukesha Main Generators supports ENI Muara Bakau Jangril Onshore Recieiving Facilties in Indonesia.

Client defined specification and operating criteria including Local / Remote Operation with synchronising and load sharing facility.

– Unit designed and packaged within a 85dba weatherproof enclosure
– High Ingress Protection to IP56.
– Battery Start Systems
– Electrically Operated Inlet and Outlet Dampers.
– Client Specific Generator Control System mounted within an Ex d Control Panel.
– SIL3 PLC system
– Ex d Battery Isolators
– Ex d Heat, Smoke and Gas Detection System.
– MIGAs Certified
– Designed packaged and fully tested in Singapore
– Shipped to INdonesia and installed tested and fully commissioned at site.


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