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Arro 2XP

Arro~2XP street lighting is the combination of world best Safety Features, Flexibility and Innovative Breathing System designed as state of the art technology offering excellent performance and installation.


Main application
• Streets, highways, main roads , parking areas, security
• Perimeter lighting, architecture & landscape

• Enclosed luminaires for pole and post-top mounting.
• Die-cast aluminium housing & lamp holder cannister.
• Finished with polyester powder paint. Standard colour – grey.
• Ballast components mounted on a removable gear tray.
• Silicone sealed optics – Tightseal 66.
• Anodised finished on hydroformed aluminium faceted reflector.
• Tempered clear curved glass. Filter optical.
• Flat glass an option. Anti glare system.
• High absorption activated charcoal filter for optics and housing.
• Easy access to ballast compartment and lamp by opening the top housing. Lamp replacement without tools.
• Slip fitter adjustable for 42~76mm diameter.
• Control breathing system.
• Anti drop system.
• Single / Double ingress protection.
Twin Arc lamp (long life span).
Eco lamp (energy saving).
Hg Free lamp (zero mercury).


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