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Atlas Sealed Plaster

The sealed recessed plaster range of luminaires are designed to prevent contaminants, such as dirt and insects, from building up or entering the environment via the luminaire. To prevent contaminant buildup, the external side of the lens panel has a smooth surface and the body of the luminaire is constructed so that there are no dust ledges where dirt can sit. A nitrile very-fine-closed-cell gasket provides a good seal between the lens panel and the body of the luminaire to prevent contaminant entry to the environment via the luminaire. They are used extensively in the food industry in areas of preparation and display, and anywhere where a general dust free environment is essential. The Atlas Sealed Plaster is a front access luminaire for recessed mounting and incorporates a 1 mm thick lanyard retained diffuser frame. The diffuser consists of two layers: the bottom layer is a clear acrylic lens for easy cleaning, while the top overlay is a prismatic acrylic diffuser.


– Enhanced performance enabling Greenstar and BCA compliant designs
– Chassis and accessory metal surfaces treated & degreased, finished in a white polyester-epoxy powder-coat and baked for unprecedented protection and the highest quality finish
– Frame is fitted with safety lanyards
– External flange is screw fixed with countersunk stainless steel captive screws
– 1.5m flex and 3 pin plug as standard
– Energy efficient control gear
– Colour Temperature 4000 K
– Power factor > 0.95
– Operating range 198-264 VAC
– Low profile – depth in ceilng is only 96 mm


– Green star / IPART rated buildings
– Motel / hotels
– Commercial kitchens
– Hospitals
– Shopping centres
– Dental surgeries
– Medical consultation areas


– Diffusers: K12, K15, K19, and opal
– Passive controlled DSI, DALI or analogue electronic control gear
– Available in wiring configurations to suit local specifications


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