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The AWF T5 Premium range is an IP65 protected weatherproof luminaire ideal for internal or external use in corrosive, wet or dirty atmospheres, and is suitable for surface or pendant mounting. The body is constructed from corrosion resistant, glass reinforced, auto-extinguishing polyester (GRP), while the diffuser is impact resistant, UV stable polycarbonate.

In general, polycarbonate is suitable for areas in which most alcohol or diluted and semi-concentrated acids are in use, with the exception of Benzoic, Hydrochloric, Carbolic or Nitric acid. Polycarbonate is not suitable where Alkalis, Ethers / Esters, Aldehydes, Phenols, Ketones, Hydrocarbons, Halogenated organics, or Nitriles are in use. Polycarbonate is resistant to most substances used for disinfecting, as long as the concentrations are low.

Aside from the standard single and twin tube models, emergency versions are available in either maintained or non maintained formats. All luminaires are supplied with stainless steel retaining clips as standard.

EcoSmart versions have the option of integral intelligent lighting control. Each luminaire contains its own Smart intelligent ballast which provides maintained illuminance, daylight linking, and PIR or infra-red remote control.


– Corrosion resistant, glass-reinforced, injection moulded polyester body (auto extinguishing)
– Polycarbonate diffuser
– Superior strength with body thickness >2 mm
– High quality, polyurethane poured gasket seal
– Cable entry grommets at both ends
– Gear tray white powder coated 0.6 mm zinc steel with quick detach, quarter turn fasteners
– Stainless steel diffuser retaining toggles
– Suitable for emergency control gear
– Suitable for pendant mounting
– High quality electrical components and large bore terminal blocks


– Marinas, wharves
– Security areas
– Abattoirs, dairies
– Pump or plant rooms, service stations, water treatment plants
– Factories, warehouses
– Public buildings


– Anti-vandal screws for stainless steel toggles
– Smart intelligent ballast
– Single-point emergency
– Fused terminal blocks
– EcoSmart


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