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Data technology support, 1 module, slanting outlet, type C

The type C data technology support is suitable for accepting the following data connection modules: BTR (Keystone design): Cat. 6A module and UAE module; Corning: modules with Keystone seat; CobiNet: CobiDat KS module; Dätwyler: KS-T, KS-TS, MS-K and KU-T; EKU: E-Stone; Harting: Prelink Keystone Cat. 6A; Fixlink Keystone Cat. 6A; Komos: KDM 500 module; Leoni Kerpen: MegaLine-Connect45 Keystone socket modules; OBO: Type ASM-C6A and ASM-C6A G; R&M: Cat. 6A with Keystone fastening; Rutenbeck: UM and UMflex; SETEC: UKJ and XKJ; Telegärtner: AMJ and UMJ.

Data technology support with slanting outlet and locking slider to accept two data technology connection modules with RJ45 socket. The locking fastening is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation in the system environment. Type C has a mounting opening of 19.30 x 14.80 mm and is designed for direct fastening of the data connection modules in the mounting opening.


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