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Earthing / Grounding Locknuts

Accessories for cable glands, available in brass, stainless steel, aluminum and nickel plated brass

CMP Products’ Grounding locknuts for use with cable glands, conduit fittings, tubing (EMT) fittings and conduit as a means of reliably and safely bonding the locknut (and gland) to the enclosure or equipment.

Providing electrical continuity and tested to the requirements of CEC and NEC wiring codes CMP’s grounding locknuts reduce the chance of equipment failure, downtime, power interruptions and eliminate potential safety issues.

Grounding locknuts are available certified with either an Ex ‘e’ grounding terminal or lay-in lug and are available in stainless steel (GRLN4), aluminum (GRLN1) and nickel plated brass (GRLN5), e.g 20GRLN4 for M20 Stainless Steel Grounding Locknut with grounding terminal

NPT grounding locknuts are supplied as standard in aluminum and Metric in nickel plated brass.

Standard – Small Lay-in Lug – 14-4 AWG
Optional – Medium Lay-in Lug – 14-2/0 AWG
Optional – Large Lay-in Lug – 6-250 AWG

AWG – American wire gauge

CLASS Catagories
C441404 Grounding and Bonding Devices
C441484 Grounding and Bonding Devices – Certified to US Standards
C909801 Miscellaneous – For Hazardous Locations
C909881 Miscellaneous – For Hazardous Locations – Certified to US Standards


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