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The nVent RAYCHEM ElectroMelt system is designed to provide surface snow melting and anti-icing in concrete pavement. At the core of the RAYCHEM ElectroMelt system is the RAYCHEM ElectroMelt self regulating, electric heat trace cable which automatically adjusts power output at every point along its length in response to concrete pavement temperature. This response characteristic eliminates burnouts caused by overlapping cable and provides improved energy efficiency without the need for special controls. Specifically designed for direct burial in concrete, RAYCHEM ElectroMelt heat trace cables are protected by a tinned-copper braid encased in a 70-mil modified polyolefin outer jacket. With no exposed metal parts to corrode, no cold leads to fail, and no burnout due to overlaps or hot spots, rugged ElectroMelt heat trace cable offers an ideal solution for all types of concrete pavement surface snow melting and anti-icing.

Additional information on RAYCHEM ElectroMelt:

  1. For use in industrial and commercial environments
  2. Custom design & receive a quote for your RAYCHEM ElectroMelt surface snow melting system with nVent Thremal Management’s online design program called SnoCalc (program is available at www.nVentthermal.com).


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