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Elexant 4020i


The nVent RAYCHEM Elexant 4020i is a compact, full-featured, touch screen based, single-point heat-tracing controller. It provides control and monitoring of Electric Heat-Tracing (EHT) circuits for both freeze protection and process temperature maintenance. This controller can monitor and alarm on high and low temperature, high and low current, ground-fault levels, voltage, and supports a host of additional features to offer the utmost in control and monitoring of EHT.

The Elexant 4020i controller provides three output types: a line powered relay for driving contactors in nonhazardous locations; a DC output for driving solid-state relays (SSRs) in nonhazardous and Class I Div. 2 / Zone 2 hazardous locations; and a 0-10V analog output for driving variable output power modules. Multiple communication ports allow flexible connectivity for remote monitoring, configuration, and ease of integration with nVent RAYCHEM Supervisor software or a Distributed Control System (DCS).


System Elexant 4020i
Power Output 690Vac Load Voltage, 50/60Hz 63A continuous (limited by the rating of the output device)
Minimum Installation Temperature -40°C


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