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Equipotential bonding rail for indoors, VDE-tested

Equipotential busbar for equipotential bonding according to DIN VDE 0100-410 / -540 and lightning protection equipotential bonding according to DIN VDE 0185-305

• According to VDE 0618, part 1
• With clamping rail 10 x 10 mm, nickel-plated brass
• With close-contact series terminals made of electrogalvanised steel
• Cover hood and rail stand made of grey polystyrene
• Lightning current carrying capacity 100 kA (10/350)
• Tension clamp with screw lock against self-loosening
(e.g. required in industry and in explosion-protected areas)

Connection options:
• 7 single or multi-wire cables 2.5-25 mm² or fine-wire cables to 16 mm² (max. Ø 7 mm)
• 2 single or multi-wire cables 25-95 mm² or fine-wire cables to 70 mm² (max. Ø 13.5 mm)
• 1 flat conductor 30 x 3.5 mm


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