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The nVent RAYCHEM HTPG is a dedicated power-distribution, control, ground-fault protection, monitoring, and alarm panel for pipe freeze protection and broad process temperature maintenance heat tracing applications. This enclosure contains an assembled circuit-breaker panel board. Per national electrical codes and nVent Thermal Management requirements, ground-fault protection must be provided for each heat tracing circuit. The RAYCHEM HTPG panel is a cost-effective and convenient way to provide this protection. Panels are equipped with ground-fault circuit breakers with or without alarm contacts. Also, the group control package contained in this panel allows the system to operate automatically in conjunction with an ambient-sensing thermostat, individual electronic, or duty cycle controller.

Additional Product Information:

  1. nVent Thermal Management can supply specialty panels for specific project requirements.
  2. Our experts can help you design and select a dedicated heat tracing power distribution panel. For design assistance, please contact your nVent Thermal Management representative or phone nVent Thermal Management at (800) 545-6258.


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