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Lightmaster 2000

* Die cast aluminium housing and with cooling fins .
* Finished with epoxy powder upon phosphochromate treatment.
* Standard colour – Grey.
* Resistant to corrosive environment.
* High reflectance, anodised and polished refactor attach with housing.
* Tempered at glass, resistant to thermal shocks and impact. It permanently sealed and gasketed in a cast frame.
* Built-in ignitor. Rearre-lamping door with hand-turn, without altering position corrosion resistant fasteners .
* Provides narrow, medium and wide beam photometric distribution.
* Optional accessories for internal glare/spill light control

Compact, high efficiency & easy maintenance
Die-cast aluminium

Sport Field, indoor area, large area, airport aprons
Monumental, building, recreation, stadium
Suitable for installation on masts and line arrangements up to 40M high above ground

Optical assembly : IP 66
Electrical Insulation : Class I or Class II
Voltage : 380V~400V 50Hz 3 Phase supply
Wattage : 2000W
Lamp type : M /Halide (Double ended lamp)
Dimensions (mm) : 602(L) x 503(W ) x 595(H)
Approx. Net weight : 20 kg


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