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Lightning current arrestor, 1-pole NPE


MC 125-B/NPE: For use in TN-S and TT systems as N-PE discharge gap, Type 1 (Class B) IEC 61643, for interface 0 to 1 (LPZ) according to lightning protection zone concept to IEC 61312-1 and/or DIN V VDE V 0185 Part 4 for use as discharge gap between N and PE.

• VDE test mark
• Conforms to VDN Directive, 2nd Edition 2004
• Protection capability 125 kA 10/350 µs
• Including plug caps for identifying the connections
• Protection level • Enclosed, non-extinguishing discharge gap: can be used in normal commercial distributor housings

Application example: lightning arrestor in accordance with VDN Directive for pre-meter area.
Note: required as de-coupling length for overvoltage protection of 5 m of cable.


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