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This multi-purpose luminaire is suitable for domestic and many commercial and industrial applications, providing optimum lighting levels at the lowest cost. Able to be surface mounted, conduit or chain suspended, this is a truly versatile and functional design.

The Davis Slimline Batten has been designed to operate the 26mm high efficiency fluorescent tube, but will also accept the 38mm tube. Form and function have been combined to produce a batten that is not only visually pleasing, but also offers easy installation, maintenance and tube replacement.


– Durable, yet slim line steel construction, with both single and twin lamp battens having a base of only 54mm.
– Simple 90°turn twist toggles allow easy access to the gear tray without the need for tools.
– Large terminal blocks for fast and easy cable connection.
– Fully epoxy coated in white both inside and out, providing unprecedented protection and the highest quality finish.
– Replaceable polycarbonate lamp holders securely held in UV stabilised, non-discolouring, high impact end cap assemblies.
– Full range of reflectors, wire guards and a choice of round or square diffuser kits.
– End to end continuous mounting from preformed punch out. No special tools or end cap drilling required.
– Available in wiring configuration to suit local market requirements.


– All Green Star/IPART rated building
– Homes
– Motel/hotels
– Art galleries
– Offices
– Commercial interiors/showrooms
– Hospitals
– Shopping centres
– Boardrooms
– Lecture theaters/schools
– Corridors


– Reflectors
– Round & Square Diffuser Kits
– Emergency Modules
– Electronic & Low Loss Ballasts
– Dimming Gear
– Special Wiring
– Fused Terminal Blocks


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