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This multi-purpose luminaire is suitable for domestic and most commercial and industrial applications, providing optimum lighting levels at the lowest cost. This special wide-body version of the popular Project series batten is ideal for covering J-box cable entry. Able to be surface mounted, conduit or chain suspended, this is a truly versatile and functional design. The Davis Project Batten has been designed to utilise the T5 16 mm high efficiency fluorescent tube, combining form and function that is not only visually pleasing but also offers easy installation, maintenance and tube replacement.


– Single & twin tube models
– Single width body for both single & twin tube models
– Energy efficient T5 linear fluorescent lamps
– Chassis and accessory metal surfaces treated & degreased, finished in a white polyester-epoxy powdercoat and baked for unprecedented protection and the highest quality finish
– Diffuser, wire guarded & reflector kits available as add on attachments to the bare tube model
– Available in wiring configurations to suit local requirement.


– Domestic or commercial general Lighting
– Under cover car parks
– Workshops


– Reflectors
– Diffuser kits
– Emergency modules
– Smart intelligent ballast
– Dimming gear
– Special wiring
– Fused terminal blocks


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