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The nVent RAYCHEM NGC-30 is a state of the art, multi-circuit electronic control, monitoring and power distribution system for heat tracing used in process temperature maintenance and pipe freeze protection applications. The RAYCHEM NGC-30 system can control up to 260 circuits with multiple networked panels. Each panel can typically control 40 individual heat tracing circuits and is available with power distribution as an option. The advanced User Interface Terminal uses touch screen technology to provide fast, intuitive programming, monitoring and fault handling.

The following alarming features are provided per control point and fulfill the requirements of national electrical codes:

  1. High/Low Temperature Faults
  2. Ground Fault Alarm
  3. Ground Fault Trip
  4. High/Low Current Fault
  5. Voltage

Industries Served:
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas


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