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nVent RAYCHEM ETS-05 electronic thermostat

The RAYCHEM ETS-05 electronic surface sensing thermostat provides accurate temperature control for heating cables. It is available in two versions. Fitted with a flexible sensor and mounted on a pipe stand, the ETS-05-Lx-A KIT monitors temperatures of up to 199°C (390°F) while the wall-mountable ETS-05-Hx-A can be used for temperatures of up to 499°C (930°F).
The maximum nominal load is 24A for both thermostats. The temperature setting is set accurately via digital rotary switches inside the enclosure.

The ETS-05 has a LED indicator which indicates the status of the thermostat (powered on/off), the status of the heat-tracing cable (powered on/off) and the status of the temperature sensor. In case of sensor failure, the thermostat can switch to an on or off state, depending upon the user’s requirement.


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