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UGR series continues to grow with the introduction of PAN, a LED UGR backlit panel light which suitable for many commercial applications. With the backlit LED panel designed and optical lens adopted, this luminaire produces ergonomic light distributions to achieve high level of uniform illumination needed in working areas. These luminaires are available in 2 different sizes which would enhance the architecture of many spaces. Not to forget with various mounting methods, these fittings are ideal for a wide range of projects. Visual comfort and good glare control are guaranteed by the anti-glare diffuser feature.


– Anti-glare lens for good glare control
– Uniform light effect with optic lens
– Integrated steel plate design provides excellent thermal management
– Concise design offers high performance
– Remote driver
– Various mounting methods
– Available in dimming version


– Factories, warehouses
– Offices/meeting rooms
– Schools
– Hospitals
– Laboratory/Dust-free workshop


Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 to standards:

– IEC/AS/NZS 60598.1
– IEC/AS/NZS 60598.2.2


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