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Photovoltaic housing with 6 fuses 8 A

System solution for photovoltaic fuses for photovoltaic inverters with 1 MPP tracker

• Error-resistant Y circuit to VDE 0100-712 (50539-12)
• Low DC protection level: • (+) poles protected via 6 photovoltaic fuses 10×38 mm 8 A, 1000 V DC protected
• 6 (-) poles via terminal up 6 mm² switched in parallel in the housing, up to 30 A DC per terminal
• Pre-mounted in polycarbonate housing (IP65), UV-resistant for use outside, including cable gland kit

For DC protection of the inverter in photovoltaic systems.
If there is a danger of condensation forming through wind, ice, temperature or sunlight, further measures may be necessary!


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