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SafeSite® LED High Lumen Floodlight – UL

The SafeSite® LED High Lumen Floodlight offers energy efficiency and high output illumination for CID2 hazardous applications. The lighting fixture consumes at least 50% less energy than traditional HID light sources, while reducing maintenance and carbon emissions. This light incorporates both cutting edge LED technology along with proprietary optics to achieve flood lighting comparable with other traditional light sources.

Certifications UL 844 (CID2), CSA
Ratings NEMA 4X, IK07
Lens Tempered Glass (Clear)
Beam Distribution Medium, NEMA 6, NEMA 7×6
CCT & CRI Cool White 5000K, Neutral White 4000K; 80 CRI
Operating Voltage 100-277 VAC, 120-250 VDC; 347/480 VAC
Lumen Type 37,500-56,000 lumens
Mounting Options Trunnion mount (standard), Tenon Topper, Pole Reducers, Bull Horns, Internal Tenon Adapter, Square Cross-Arm Brackets
Coating Grey (RAL 7040)


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