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SafeSite® LED Wallpack/Bulkhead

SafeSite® LED Wallpack / Bulkhead luminaire with its low profile, rugged design ensures long life and high reliability for a wide variety of non-hazardous, Class I, Div 2, Class II, Div 2, IECEx/ATEX Zone 1, 21 and Zone 2, 22 applications. Offered in 11 Watt, 22 Watt and 34 Watt versions, it is ideally suited for oil platforms, explosive environments, mills, chemical plants and other rugged and hazardous environments. The product can be supplied with a flush mounting bracket, an angled bracket, or no bracket to enable direct mounting.

Certification UL 844 (CID2, CIID2), CSA, IECEx/ATEX (Zone 1, 21, Zone 2, 22)
Ratings IP66/67
Lens Tempered Glass (Clear, Frosted)
Beam Distribution Narrow, Oval
CCT & CRI Cool White 5650K; 75 CRI, Neutral White 4300K; 80 CRI
Operating Voltage 11W & 22W: 100-277 VAC or 24-48 VDC 34W: 100-277 VAC
Lumen Type 600 – 2,250 lumens
Mounting Options Angle bracket, Flush bracket, Adjustable bracket, Stanchion
Coating Grey (RAL 7040)


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