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SL LED street light offers an optimal solution replacing the traditional HPS street lights for roads, streets, highways, parking lots etc. With cutting edge performance, build quality and design, it offers up to 65% energy saving. Excellent lighting performance with variety of distributions to suit various applications. Single piece die-cast aluminium casing design offers good heat sink for efficient heat dissipation hence prolong lifespan as long as 50,000 hours. This product comes with 5 years limited warranty with no maintenance required. The optimised mechanical design achieved IP66 ingress protection. Gear cover can be opened without tool. They are also very easy to install, adjust & reliable.


– Enhance performance with Philips Fortimo FastFlex LED boards
– Flexible lumen output
– Lenses available for optical flexibility
– Aluminium construction with superb heat dissipation
– Energy-saving & reduce maintenance cost
– Eco-friendly
– SPD lmax 25kA
– Ultra-slim profile design


– Road lighting
– Urban street lighting


Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 to standards:

– IEC/AS/NZS 60598.1
– IEC/AS/NZS 60598.2.5


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