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System 2000


nVent PYROTENAX fire-rated mineral insulated (MI) wiring cables facilitate the controlled shutdown of critical processes and systems in the event of an industrial fire such as a hydrocarbon flash fire — by ensuring that electrical power is available for critical circuit survival. The heavy duty construction of the PYROTENAX System 2000 wiring cable makes this possible as it utilizes an Alloy 825 sheath along with nickel-clad copper conductors to allow continuous exposure temperatures to 1238°F (670°C) and withstand rapid-rise temperature excursions to 2000°F (1093°C). In addition, the sheath provides durability in areas where corrosives may be present, and the nickel-clad copper conductors permit higher current ratings compared with nickel conductors. PYROTENAX System 2000 wiring cable is typically supplied as a factory-assembled Duoterm unit complete with terminations at each end, allowing for immediate installation in the field. In hazardous areas, the simplified installation of MI cable means that conduit systems and explosion proof seals are not required; simply connect the cable directly to the equipment or junction box. It is also worth noting that MI cable is made of inorganic materials and provides zero smoke generation, zero fuel contribution, and zero flame spread. Highly compacted magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation prevents the flow and transmission of explosive gases through the wiring cables.

Fire-rated applications for System 2000 include :

  • Emergency Lighting Wiring
  • Fire Zone Area Wiring
  • Fire Pump & Emergency Equipment Wiring
  • Flare Stack Igniters
  • Control Room Wiring
  • Gas Path Block Wiring
  • Motor Operated Valves – High Heat Area Wiring

Industries Served:
Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Food and Beverage
Oil and Gas


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