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The Titan can be surface or recess mounted. The recessed mounted model is suitable for both T/Bar and plaster ceilings. It is available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical models. This HID luminaire is supplied with clear flat glass lens in a hinged frame. Glare shield louvres fitted to the reflector controls glare, so often a problem with HID luminaires. This luminaire is widely used in the petroleum industry for the under canopy lighting of service stations. The symmetrical models are used to provide lighting on the face of the petrol pumps. Control gear is mounted on a tray. Lamp holder is E39, lamp is clear tubular.


– 4mm tempered glass.
– lamp glare shields.
– 1mm thick metal construction.
– metal surfaces are pretreated and degreased before being epoxy powder coated and baked for high quality finish and protection.
– designed for easy installation and maintenance.
– high temperature internal wiring for added safety.
– quick fit fastener on hinged glass frame requires just a half turn to release and push back to secure. no special tools are required.
– optional insect proofing.
– hinged reflector for easy access to control gear for maintenance.
– 250w & 400w models in clear. tubular metal halide and high pressure sodium.
– self captive screws in both hinged glass frame and hinged reflector eliminate the possibility of screws falling out and being lost during installation and maintenance.
– ip55 rating (recessed models)
– ip32 rating (surface models)


– showrooms
– display area
– canopy lighting
– service area


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