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Explosive Atmosphere, Metal, Strain Relief Cable Gland

The TSMe Ex range of strain relief metal cable glands are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres with unarmoured or braided cable when terminated inside the enclosure, and have a temperature rating of +105°c to -60°c.

With approvals to the latest editions of IEC 60079 and EN 60079, as well as being internationally marked IECEx and ATEX, the TSMe Ex range ensures that cables and enclosures are protected with explosive atmospheres.

The TSMe Ex range is suitable for intrinsically safe (Ex i) circuits.

For more specific applications IP68 & IP69X ingress discs or plugs are available.

Features include:

– Finger-locking seal provides superior cable retention & strain relief
– Approved to the latest editions of IEC 60079 & EN 60079
– Internationally marked IECEx & ATEX
– Suitable for intrinsically safe (Ex i) circuits
– Meets the mechanical requirements of IEC 62444 & EN 62444
– Widest cable range take on the market
– Easy to install
– Robust design, high quality materials
– O ring interface seal included as standard
– Ingress disc or IP68, IP69 & IP69K rated plug options available
– Product supplied in nickel plated brass or stainless steel on request


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