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1. NEMA / IP ENVIRONMENTAL SEAL The TMC2X incorporates a ‘weak back’ seal which is designed to prevent the ingress of dust and rain, splashing water, hose-directed water and damage from exterior ice formation. The seal enables the gland to meet the requirements of NEMA 4X and IP66. The seal provides a wide cable acceptance range allowing cables from 0.5” to 4.25” to be incorporated in only 12 trade sizes of connector. The seal is manufactured from low smoke, flame resistant, halogen-free elastomer which meets the requirements of EN50267-2-1 and LUL Fire Safety Regulations.

2. ARMOR TERMINATION The TMC2X has been designed and tested to terminate all types of metal clad cables including continuous aluminium (MC-HL), Teck 90, interlocked aluminium and interlocked steel. An internal corrosion resistant stainless steel spring provides 360° grounding of the armor and allows for easy installation and disconnection of the cable where required. The spring provides excellent pull-out resistance which exceeds the requirements of CSA C22.2 & UL514B. The spring is non-magnetic and is suitable for use with single conductor power cables carrying in excess of 200A.

3. EASY IDENTIFICATION NUT Outer seal nuts provided by CMP have large wrench holds for ease of installation and display clear lazer marking showing the Cable Gland properties, certification and hazardous location details.

4. INSPECTABLE RAPIDEX RESIN CHAMBER A barrier type cable gland which is disconnectable utilizing a tried and tested metal barrier tube which provides an explosion proof joint that enables cables to be safely and easily removed from equipment. The explosion proof joint path can be visually inspected and also measured according
to the parameters of IECEx and cCSAus for flame paths.

5. EXPLOSION PROOF SEAL The TMC2X incorporates the RapidEx liquid pour, fast curing, liquid resin seal that installs in seconds and cures in minutes. Its unique formula begins with a low viscosity liquid that flows into the cable interstices completely surrounding the cable conductors, driving out all the air in the process. The viscosity then increases and completely cures in minutes. Once cured the RapidEx resin adheres to both the cable conductors and the inside of the barrier tube creating a bond that will last for the life of the cable connector. The RapidEx seal will never crack or shrink with changes in temperature.


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