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Unarmoured Flame Retardant Power Cable

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Conductor                 Compact circular stranded annealed copper, according to class 2 of IEC 60228

Conductor screen     Semi-conducting compound

Insulation                   XLPE compound

Insulation screen      Semi-conducting compound

Metallic screen         Copper tape

Fillers                         Non-hygroscopic polypropylene (If necessary)

Outer sheath             PVC compound(ST2) or LSZH thermoplastic compound(ST8)


Application Standard

IEC 60502-2              Design and tests guidelines

IEC 60228                 Conductor

IEC 60332-3-24        Flame retardant

IEC 60754                 Halogen free properties (only for LSZH)

IEC 61034                 Low smoke emission (only for LSZH)


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