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VG housing with MCD 50-B/3+1

Combination arrestor, pre-installed in IP65 housing for use in TN-S and TT networks.

VG…: Lightning arrestor system solution type 1 (Class B) according to DIN EN 61643-11.

• LightningController MCD 50-B and MC 125-B/NPE installed in insulating housing IP 65, sealable housing
• Pulsed current 125 kA 10/350 µs BET-tested
• Conforms to requirements of VDN Directive, 2nd Edition 2004
• Protection level • Enclosed, non-extinguishing spark gap
• Suitable for TN-S and TT network systems

Application example: the system solution is used in the pre-meter area according to VDN Directive, 2nd Edition 2004.


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