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Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller (YT)

Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller (YT)


Oil-Free design Optimizes heat transfer
The well-known ASHRAE study concluded that typical lubricated chiller circuits show reductions in design heat transfer efciency of 15-25%, as lubricant accumulates on heat transfer surfaces, denatures and blocks normal thermodynamic transfer processes. Logically, no oil in you chiller means no oil contamination over time, so design efciency is maintained efortlessly.

Advanced electronics
Advanced electronics mean that mechanical forces can be managed with extraordinary tolerances, achiev- ing very high reliability. Not a surprise, when shaft position is automatically measured and adjusted 100,000 times per second.

Inverter driving
The inverter centrifugal compressor adopts the integrated driving module. on the condition of condensing temperature decreasing or load reducing, lower the compressor revolution then optimum the compressor energy efciency with 10% – 100% of rated load.

Energy cost savings
Compared with a new screw chiller, Our Centrifugal Turbo Chiller IPLV efciency is routines more than 32% better. Compared with older lubricated reciprocating, screw, scroll or centrifugal chillers, year round savings with Our Centrifugal turbo chillers can be spectacular, with over 50% savings. Under ARI conditions, The IPLV performance can be as high as 11.0 COP while partload-efciency can be over 13.0 COP.


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